The Meeting-place for Optometric Opinion and Discussion

Optometrists are inundated with information from a wide variety of sources, which can make it difficult to uncover the content that will have the most impact on your practice and your patients.

The MOOD was developed to serve up the most impactful content to help optometrists maximize their time without missing the latest and greatest the industry has to offer.

The MOOD Advisory Board is a group of optometric experts who find the best content from every corner of the web and then share their thoughts and insights on what they are reading, reviewing, learning, researching, managing, and liking. Each MOOD Advisory Board member has a MOOD Board that showcases their contributions and responses to other contributions.

The MOOD is hosted by FluoreSCENE Media, the team behind ODs on Facebook, as a service to our optometric community. Our goal is to help you easily find the best content and provide opportunities for you join the conversation on ODs on Facebook and share feedback via online polls. We also invite you to create your own MOOD Board where you can share your favorite content and post it to The MOOD Feed

Enjoy The MOOD!