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Spend more time with patients and less time clicking with Barti.

This cloud-based EHR platform empowers optometry practices to transform the provider and patient experience. The Barti platform features Exam Charting, Patient Messaging, Scheduling, Billing & Inventory.

Paul Karpecki

“Barti’s software instantly catches your eye with its clean and user-friendly design. It looks like Google made an optometry EHR.”

Mark Taylor

“Barti is a system that appealed to me from the start. I love the idea of being able to actually type instead of clicking hundreds of boxes. I have used multiple EHRs in my 15 year career and this is the easiest EHR I’ve ever used!”

Clinical Benefits
Barti is designed for and by eyecare professionals. They work with experts to develop specialty templates - for example, they are the only EHR with a specific template to track axial length for myopia management, which leads to better longitudinal data analysis.
Barti has allowed me to chart more thoroughly and faster. I love that the entire exam is on one page and I do not have to navigate multiple screens. By using Barti, I can spend more time interacting with my patients.
Patient Reaction
Patients love Barti’s intake forms they can do on their phone to skip the paperwork. Receiving text reminders and booking an appointment online are all things patients expect in 2023 and Barti helps practices deliver that experience.
Our patients like having the option to schedule an appointment online and appreciate the reminder text messages. Many also like receiving the intake form ahead of time on their phones to reduce the time they are spending in the office.
Practice Benefits
Barti allows for providers to allocate more time and resources to patient care. The software saves 20+ hours a week of staff time and saves the typical practice thousands of dollars a year by eliminating the need for multiple softwares.
With Barti, I don’t need to work with separate vendors for charting, messaging and online scheduling. All of these features are in the one program, which reduces duplicate time consuming entry for me and my staff.
Top Attributes
User-friendly design, efficiency, specialized for eyecare and quick onboarding.
The most important aspects of Barti that I love are that my staff can use it easily, I am able to chart the way I want, and it provides an accurate and complete record of each encounter. Barti allows me to spend more time talking to my patients and less time banging on a keyboard. Patients come to talk to us face to face, not the back of our heads.
Customer Support
Barti's support team is based in the US and can be reached by phone or email. They go above and beyond and can help connect your equipment like your autorefractor, acting almost like tech consultants more broadly.
The support from Barti has been the best I have ever had using any EHR, and I have used some of the largest and most popular. Barti support has been super responsive and attentive, and they are always willing to listen and implement suggestions.

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